Peel and Stick Wallpaper on New Wall

When going to peel and stick wallpaper, wall is good to pay attention to some of the following as consideration to get maximum result, that is new wall which we will use as media to place of wallpaper should be smoothed first by way of sandpaper to remove surface which appear rough and spots the sand that remains by the rest of the lottery, if not refined then when the wallpaper is sealed perfectly will look clear the walls like porous and the sand spots will look like acne. Note also the surface of the wall whether flat or wavy, there is no wall perfect (flat without waves) but if the wave is very extreme then it needs to be repaired by covered with compound to help minimize the wave wall.

peel and stick wallpaper

Before wallpaper mounted should be on the basic paint using wall sealer to help wallpaper not to be moldy and also do not look dappled because the color of the walls are not painted base usually looks dark due to the color produced by acian cement. Using wall sealer will also help add wallpaper adhesive power to the wall. Make sure the wall to be peel and stick wallpaper is completely dry or there is no seepage of water from within the wall as it is adjacent to the bathroom or rainwater seepage from outside the wall. This if less attention will result in the fungus that causes stained wallpaper and wallpaper connection is open.

In general, the work outside wall of the bathroom/toilet area is always problematic if peel and stick wallpaper applied because the wall is damp. This may arise because of a leaky water faucet or a crack in the bathroom wall or the worker is less likely to take into account such water seepage. This experience is always encountered in apartments, hotels and homes whose bathrooms are adjacent to wall mounted wallpaper. Moisture of the wall also often occurs because the drain pipe AC (Air Conditioner) is leaked / broken, even this will cause problems if less attention. It is unfortunate if after wallpaper installed wall then these problems arise because it will cause the addition of wallpaper replacement costs and installation/service.

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