Minimalist Guest Room with Lift Top Coffee Table

Coffee table or coffee table is a table placed in the living room. Can to put and store knick-knacks, magazines or newspapers, also serve food and drink for guests. Coffee table is one of the most important furniture in the living room. Coffee table can also be a focal point in the living room. This table can also divide the sitting area. What are all kinds of coffee tables? The coffee table has a variety of styles and shapes. It generally has rectangular, square, and oval shapes. Variety of material from wood, glass, and some combined with cabinets or storage racks. It also has café style or lift top coffee table style.

lift top coffee table

Glass coffee table, it is different with lift top coffee table. Glass coffee table looks elegant, classy and suitable for all kinds of interior styles. Its surface is made of glass, while its legs are usually made of other materials such as wood or metal. Wooden coffee table, wooden coffee table with a variety of textures, colors, and characters favored because it looks charming, simple, minimalist and modern, but also classical and artistic, especially if it has carvings in every corner.

The elevator-top coffee table, the lift top coffee table is usually made of wood. This table has an adjustable height for use as a dining table, work table, or computer desk. At the bottom it can be used as a storage area for magazines, TV remote, or other knickknacks. Another form of coffee table as a storage place is coffee table folding openings up (lift up). This table has a storage area at the bottom of the table, so that when storing or picking up items need to lift the table panel up. The advantages of this unique minimalist design is where storage like this is visible hidden and secret. For teak variations selected to make a table you can choose to use teak wood Jepara or teak Dutch tailored to the budget you have. Guest price of Jepara teak wood is more expensive than teak wood teak because of better quality Jepara teak wood. Jepara teak table price ranges from 3 million and above while the teak wood desk ranges from 1.5 million up.

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