Mid Century Modern Homes Victorian Architectural

Mid Century Modern Homes Victorian architecture is an architectural style that emerged from the middle ages until the late 19th century. The name Victorian refers to the reign of Queen Victoria, or so-called Victorian era. In those days the Victorian was used as a designation for the construction of building and furniture designs. The name Victorian itself represents the customs of England and France that often give the name of an architectural style with the name of monarchic power. After the emergence of Gothic architecture in the early 19th century, Victorian style emerged due to the influence of technological developments. Iron and steel are new components incorporated into building construction. The Victorian style evolved from the majestic Gothic style and inspired Victorian style in fashion, architecture, and furniture, that beauty is more important than its function. The architects of the time freed up a few styles to create a new style so that there are several Victorian homes that look a likeMid Century Modern Homes

In the 1990s, this architectural Mid Century Modern Homes style began to experience a period of ebb. However, until now there are many people who like this style of architecture because it is considered to have its own artistic value and uniqueness.

Characteristics of the house with Mid Century Modern HomesVictorian style is usually large and magnificent. The majority of Victorian styles always wear wood for the exterior of the building, while the Romanesque architecture mostly uses stones. Houses with Victorian-style architecture usually have intricate designs and asymmetrical exterior shapes. Commonly referred to as “gingerbread”, Victorian homes are usually decorated with elaborate wood designs and pieces of iron or metal. Stone, sculptural, and wooden ornaments are most often used to decorate the walls of a house. Victorian-style houses often use steep roofs with triangular roof shapes facing various directions. Victorian-style houses often use steep roofs with triangular roof shapes facing various directions. Some luxury homes that use Victorian style usually have a round or rectangular tower with a steep and pointed roof.

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