Know What is Duvet vs Blanket

What is duvet? Duvet is stuffing made of cloth, silicon or Dacron used to fill the quilt cover. Normally the duvet is white and not stitched with a quilt cover. Duvet a little bit thick, can also be called a blanket. The duvet is plain and separate from the mattress itself. Because of its function to complete. Many Duvets are designed to follow the size of the quilt cover. Duvet is a bit thick, besides serving as a sack of quilt cover. Duvet has an effect as an in-room decorator.

What is duvet

If judging what is duvet, Duvet comes from French which means down (down). We can liken the duvet to a pillow, a bag containing silicon, Dacron, wool, or goose feathers. Duvet is usually plain white color so that more interesting, usually will be given a sarong which we call duvet cover. This cover can be removed so it is easier to be washed and replaced in accordance with the motives of the bed sheet that we use. Duvet actually comes from China where the people there have been using duvet since 3000 years BC. An Englishman named Paul Rycaut brought and marketed a duvet in the UK for the first time but unfortunately his efforts failed. In 1749, an English writer named Thomas Nugent penned a description of the duvet commonly used by families in Europe in a writing. Duvet was marketed back in 1964 and became common in the 1970s in England. In the UK the duvet is called a continental quilt or quilt.

Currently the duvet is widely used because of its ease of use. We only need to buy one duvet and various sets of quilts cover matching with the sheets. More money and storage. The difference Duvet with a blanket is on the cover. If Duvet has a removable cover and washable so it is easy to keep clean without having to wash the duvet. While the Blanket does not have a cover. The advantages of Duvet is a good body temperature conductor that can be selected according to the level of isolation ability while the blanket depends on the thickness of the blanket. This explanation already answer the question of what is duvet.

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