Kids in Sandbox for Playing

What does Mother think when talking about sand? Is it just a dirty and dusty thing? Does Mother forbid kids in a sandbox for fear of danger of disease that can be caused? Do not get me wrong first Mother. Actually sand can be a great tool for children you know. The researchers argue that sand play activities are useful for child growth. Here are the benefits of sand play as described by Suwartini and ZainulAminin in a scientific work entitled The Implementation of Playing Sand Activities as well as the author of the Learning Resources and Gaming Tools (for Early Childhood Education).

kids in a sandbox

  • Kids in a sandbox helps the child to train the small muscles in the hands. Smooth motor movement while playing sand will help train accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Playing sand can help develop eye-handling skills and coordination. When playing sand, the children will make a movement holding, grasping, pouring, printing, sand, make tunnels, lift, and push.
  • The child can explore thoughts, move his fingers, play his ideas, and try alternatives by modifying his thoughts to achieve creative results.
  • Playing sand can train the development of mathematics and science concepts: estimation skills, building form, size, and classification on the basis of geometric shapes, colors, textures, functions, and weight, quantity, and space or position terms.
  • Playing sand with friends, will practice socializing skills, understanding friendship, new vocabulary, also train to express her thoughts and feelings.

Mother, kids in a sandbox can also be a vehicle for bonding between parents and children. Mother can also recognize the child’s mindset. So, try to get involved when kids play sand. What Mother needs to remember, do not limit the activity of the child while playing in the sand, as long as the activity is safe for him and the people around him. So he can develop imagination, explore, and creative thinking. Happy playing, Mother!

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