How to Create Comfort with I Shaped Computer Desk

Work routines that require you to sit for hours in front of I shaped computer desk, of course, need a comfortable place. Because, almost everyone now uses computers for daily activities, including you. With the development of technology and computer usage is increasingly widespread, the need for a special desk for computers has increased.

I shaped computer desk

Good I shaped computer desk are not made at random, but through a careful and accurate counting process. Computer desks that do not take into account the physical condition of the wearer (not ergonomic), will cause problems to your health, such as neck injuries, back and back pain, and decreased vision ability. To prevent the occurrence of physical injury, you must choose the right computer table. A quality computer desk has ergonomic properties. Ergonomic furniture, able to adjust to the condition and physical shape of the wearer. So as to prevent injury when the furniture is used for long-term activities. Some ergonomic computer desk features you should know before deciding to buy the right computer desk.

The first has the right distance between the position of the computer laid and your eyes. An ergonomic I shaped computer desk has a fitting distance between your computer position and your eyes. The fitting distance is 20-40 inches or about the length of the arm from the elbow to the palm of the hand. The distance is too close will decrease the function of vision. Both have a high fit table. The height of the fitting computer table is actually related to the height of the chair used. A computer table with the right height for you can be found when you try to sit on a chair. The soles of your feet should also touch the floor while sitting, because the legs in a hanging position will result in fatigue on your feet. Third, there is enough room to sit comfortably. According to Budi, a good computer desk has enough space for both your legs in a relaxed sitting position. A comfortable sitting position will reduce the risk of injury and allow you to work more relaxed. Fourth, have a parallel place to put the keyboard and mouse. To reduce the risk of fatigue and injury to the elbow, your elbow position should be 90 ° above the table.


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